Seedling → Bloom
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Seedling → Bloom

Player Perks

⁃ 25 Auction Slots

⁃ Unlimited PlayerShops

⁃ Unlimited Homes

⁃ Unlimited started quest slots

⁃ 25 PlayerWarp Limit

⁃ 54 Backpack Slots [Virtual Storage]

⁃ Access to /condense [Condense Ores]

⁃ Create disposal signs

⁃ Access to /anvil [Virtual Anvil]

⁃ Access to /stonecutter [Virtual Stonecutter]

⁃ Access to /smithingtable [Virtual Smithing Table]

⁃ Access to /cartographytable [Virtual Cartography Table]

⁃ Access to /repair [Repair items[6 Hour Cooldown]]

⁃ Ability to use colors on signs [RGB Included]

⁃ Ability to use colors in chat [RGB Included]

⁃ Access to /backpack clean [Cleans Backpack]

⁃ Access to /grindstone [Virtual Grindstone]

⁃ Access to /disposal [Virtual Trashcan]

⁃ Access to /enderchest [Virtual Enderchest]

⁃ Access to /ptime [Change Personal Time]

⁃ Access to /pweather [Change Personal Weather]

⁃ Access to /back [Return to last location]

⁃ Access to /hat [Wear items as hats]

⁃ Access to /feed [20m Cooldown]

⁃ Access to /workbench [Virtual Crafting]

⁃ Access to /loom [Virtual Loom]

⁃ Keep Inventory

Display Perks

⁃ [Bloom] Prefix in chat

⁃ [Bloom] Prefix in tab

⁃ Light Pink colored name in chat

⁃ Light Pink colored name in Discord

⁃ Light Pink colored text

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